» How does SolFree® improve my carbon footprint?This new production process enables to save the solvents used in any standard TT ribbon manufacturing process. For each SolFree® roll used, it is at least 365 g of CO2* that are not rejected in the atmosphere. It is a tangible way to improve your carbon footprint.
* calculation for a roll with market average dimensions

» Is SolFree® the only solvent free process for manufacturing Thermal Transfer ribbons?Yes, today solvents are used in the manufacturing of all TT ribbons in the world for at least one production stage. SolFree® is the unique solution not using any solvent.

» In the traditional TT coating process, why are solvents always used?Usually, solvents are used to mix some ingredients of the ink but also to ensure the fluidity of the ink up to the solidification stage.

» Does it mean that non SolFree® ribbons still contain solvents when I use them?No, the solvents are vehicles only used during the manufacturing process. They are not present in the final ribbon, or maybe at trace level (a few microns).

» In a traditional manufacturing process (not SolFree®), are the solvents rejected in the atmoshpere?The depositary of the SolFree patent as set an effective method for handling solvent waste for all TT products manufactured without the SolFree® process. This is achieved by incinerating all reclaimed solvents and re-using the energy in other areas of the factory.