» SolFree® reduces your carbon footprint.With one SolFree® ribbon, you save at least 365g of CO2* compared to other ribbons produced with a traditional process.

SolFree® ribbons will also meet the requirements of the increasing number of end-users committed to sustainable development. SolFree® ribbons are more environmental friendly and improve end-users’ carbon footprint.

* calculation for a roll with market average dimensions

» SolFree® improves printhead life.SolFree® is a 2 step manufacturing process (instead of 3, see “SolFree®, what is it?”), this is an additional guarantee for the quality of the product. The backcoat (ribbon surface in contact with the printhead) is improved, and the printhead more protected.

» SolFree®: printing quality and printer settings unchangedApplied to ribbons traditionally coated using solvents, the SolFree® process does not impact on the initial printing characteristics: printing quality, resistances, sensitivity, there is absolutely no effect on the quality.

Changing a ribbon for its SolFree® equivalent will not generate any modification on the printer settings: they work seamlessly!